The Front Man and the Bluesman, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

IN PROGRESS:  Excerpt from manuscript: ©andee baker, 2016

"...What attracted these boys to each other when they met?  In their elementary years, they occupied the same playground, perhaps digging together in the sand, making competing castles or sandmen, or odd abstract figures.    Years later as teens, Keith saw Mick carrying LPs, records of American blues musicians.  These objects were the prizes, the unattainable “wax” containing the desired sounds, delivered directly from U.S. shores.  You had to have not only cash but the resources to order the goodies.  They reintroduced themselves at that Dartmouth train station in 1961 and began the collaboration that formed the core of The Rolling Stones, the writing team. 

Keith the player and Mick the singer did not always specialize in music versus lyrics, although their natural leanings, their proclivities geared them in those two directions.  Often Keith would come up with a snippet or beginning riff and Mick would fill it in.  In the early days they lived together in a flat and when not practicing cover songs or what they had, would write prolifically, at all hours of the day, usually when the ordinary working folks had gone to bed.  The digs resembled what many of us lived in when first away from the domesticities of home. Mick says Keith had a talent for melody and I had a “slight talent” for words.  Keith says Mick writes more melodies by the early seventies than he did at first, when Keith wrote them all..."