A Personal Sociology of Gender Roles:  

   The Men in My Life, A Memoir

IN PROGRESS:  Excerpt from forthcoming work: ©andee baker, 2016

"...We had a good time for a while. I ironed his navy uniforms, learned to cook a few dishes, not many, while he cooked only outside, with his barbecuing tools.  Charlie was good with tools.  When he was three his dad took pictures of him with a hammer, a pliers and with his very own tepee.  I always wanted those black and white shots to introduce the topic of “gender Roles” for Soc 101.  

Charlie didn’t say much until you got him going, and then he turned into a veritable Arlo Guthrie embarking on the tale of “Alice’s Restaurant” with “circles and arrows” on the back. Charlie’s would illustrate his ideas on the blackboard he installed in his den to work out formulas and grand theories, his systems diagrams.  He often wrote on napkins too, during dinner.  We took togetherness to a high level back then, spending all our free time together.  I soon went back to school, under Charlie’s directive, because he thought “I liked it.”  This time it took or I took to it, going back to my love of learning, without the need to support myself or to deal with my parents’ squabbles and tensions at home.   I worked various part-time jobs too, the best ones assisting various professors in college and grad school..."