Andee on the Road:  Amsterdam, Netherlands:

"Taking my Dutch Friend to Her First Rolling Stones Show, at the Amsterdam Arena"
Sept. 28--Oct. 1, 2017

Part I:  The Days Before the Show:


After hitting two major art museums in the great city of Amsterdam, both within blocks of my hotel, I started my musical journey through four shows, with the big one last:  The Rolling Stones, the boys themselves on a European tour mysteriously named "No Filter."   Two nights before, Mick's brother Chris Jagger performed in a club called The Q Factory.  Buying tickets a few hours beforehand, I met a bunch of fun fans, mainly Dutch, with a few Americans. They wore Stones-related garments. I had posted this shot before on FB of three guys spontaneously posing.  We exchanged a few mutually amusing tales and one Dutch fellow ended up emailing that evening, inviting me and a friend to his and his wife's place for dinner, if I was in town in a few days.  Alas, I was not.  At the show, my new American friends, a married couple and their twenty-something son joined me in the front row, where I met fans from a few different countries.  I asked the husband and wife if they had been to the Dutch coffee shops and they said no, but their son had.  Ha, we laughed about those kids today.  Turns out the son had decided the family should come overseas to attend the big show and even paid for the tickets. 

Chris Jagger, the headliner was terrific, and only if you knew he had a famous brother would you notice the resemblance in sense of humor, movement, and a penchant for the blues, with, in Chris' case, more than a touch of country, and a Hendrix playing guitarist. During the excellent show I got into a back-and-forth discussion with one of the band member's acquaintances about her picture-taking blocking my enjoyment of the show.  She finally moved but not before someone documented our interaction, from the back to put up on youtube.  The band member acknowledged what was going on from the stage, while still playing his instrument, and with that I won't say more, out of respect for his musicianship, if not the quality of his friends.  I left a little early to meet an Uber driver who had promised to meet me to take me back to my hotel.  What was I thinking?  This was the big city.  Plus I did not prepare my phone to function optimally in the Neths.  About an hour later, after trying to flag down a cab expecting a different rider, I finally found an enpty Uber car whose driver agreed to cancel another ride to take me back to the Museumplein.

A brief note on the classical concert of rock music at the grand concert hall the Concertgebouw is that I left early, what else is new?  I exited very early, maybe with over half hour left in a ninety minute show.  I didn't care for the music, operatic Led Zeppelin at its best. What did I expect from a performance by the Prague symphony orchestra called "Rock the Opera?"  It was more like opera-tizing the rock was the problem.  The combo of the orchestra, the histrionic female soloists and the original music did not work for me.  Interestingly, a young couple came in late but another young couple had taken their seats.  For a little while they sat next to me...a large post blocked their view, not mine though. They exchanged seats for their paid tickets and still left in a short while.  Can't say I blamed them, though I don't think they gave it a fair chance, not like me.  Haha.  I think the Prague's conductor woke up from a nightmare and decided to give this concept a try.

The night before the "rilly big shew" was the Shidoobee canal cruise  and the IORR cover band, probably too much excitement for me.  Sandra or San, my beautiful, sweet Dutch friend, a couple of decades younger than me had promised to come with me if the Stones ever came back to Amsterdam, and by god, here they were.  After a long day at work in another part of the country, she came by the bar near the canal where the fans met to meet me for the duration of my visit.  Trouble is it started raining, the drops coming down hard, hard enough that we didn't know if the cruise could even go on.  Meanwhile people gathered and drank and talked.  Here is a fan, Phil, and me in a very nice picture  taken by an unknown fan just before we embarked onto the boat, almost sliding off the dock with the water. I caught up with an old friend at a table below while my friend San enjoyed the sights above  that she's likely seen a number of times, if not necessarily from that vantage point, at night, no less.  I know she never waved to the Rolling Stones in case they looked out of their window at the Amstel.

Later that night was the very talented group of fans from IORR who played Stones songs to a packed house.  I hope to see them again when I am not so tired and San is not so hungry  (insert Water House).  When we came in after the cruise I heard "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" and thought it came from a jukebox, not a live cover band.

To be continued...Part II: "No Filter "in Amsterdam


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OCTOBER 19, 2016: Rolling Stones: LAS VEGAS, NEVADA


The Rolling Stones will be live in Las Vegas on Wednesday, October 19th at the brand new T-Mobile Arena. The show will come on the heels of the band's performances at the legendary concert event Desert Trip in Indio, California October 7 and 14.