At 'Exhibitionism' and A Glimpse of the Band: November 7, 2016

Saw the Rolling Stones “Exhibitionism” today, very nice. And for a bonus, I got a glimpse of all four Stones in person too.

Women's Baseball Jacket |  Exhibitionism Store | NYC | 2016

Women's Baseball Jacket |  Exhibitionism Store | NYC | 2016

I bet Mick Jagger named this large collection of memorabilia, I mean really, “exhibitionism,” the fetish of exhibiting yourself a showing off, for all of us voyeurs.  The show includes costumes throughout the decades, mainly Micks, guitars played by Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, and details of the designing process of the posters and album covers, such as Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out with drummer Charlie Watts and the donkey. As fans know, Watts wore Jagger’s striped hat and carried a guitar in each hand while leaping in the air, and the donkey sported drums and a guitar around his neck.  I wanted more time to concentrate on read some of the writings such as responses to fans and letters to producers and artists. I might go back again one day before it closes, since I have two admissions on my pass.  I want some time to play with the mixing boards of five recorded songs, with sliders to set the balance of the different instruments.

I loved the 3D set-up at the end, with special viewing eyeglasses, essentially a piece of a show from close up, filling one wall of a gallery, with some footage taken directly from on the stage with the performers.  Of the people watching, onlyI rocked out to the music.  How could I not? I had gone to the Las Vegas show cancelled because of Mick’s laryngitis from Desert Trip, so this was a short substitute for my live music cravings.

Industria, the gallery in the West Village housing the exhibit was supposed to be shut down to visitors today but they opened it for a couple of hours, for people who had already planned to    go before they announced the closure. Later I walked over, and a small crowd had gathered. I asked what was up, if they were expecting anyone.  Sure enough, the rumor was right, the band was coming in, to shoot a feature for Matt Lauer's “Today” Show about the exhibit.

Security had us penned in behind an iron gate every time they heard of a likely arrival.  Charlie was first and actually signed a couple of things, unlike any of the others, who seemed in a hurry. Keith came in with Patty, who came out without him after a while. Keith gave a shrug, smiling, like sorry, gotta go. Ronnie breezed by and was friendly to me, when I asked him how the babies were. This guy in the crowd claims Ronnie recognized me. I don't know about that. Mick was last, no signing, just smiling and a bit of waving to both sides of the crowd. He arrived much later than the others, seemed in a big rush.

Why did I not take pictures, like a woman who had been at shows in the 1960s.  She got a great shot of Mick on her camera, calling it “blurry.”  It looked good to me.

It was not a bad day as days go. Met some Latino fans who saw them in Argentina--they played me videos from three vantage points, their seats at three different shows. A few of us talked about how Mick is never late, he’s British, you know.  We thought maybe he snuck in the back door, but no, the band saved that caper for another time, before or after the official premiere.

I guess the big party is tomorrow.   Oh, I forgot to mention that Matt Lauer was there too.  A few of us said, “Hi, Matt,” half-heartedly when he got out of the car.  He said hi back.

--Andee Baker