Andee Baker
b. Milwaukee , WI


Live Talk | September 15, 2018, 2:00 p.m.

Memoirs-in-progress at  Op Cit Books in Santa Fe's DeVargas Mall:
Andee Baker and Rachel Spring read from excerpts of their upcoming memoirs about "female journeys toward independence".

Andee and Rachel will alternate with sections from their memoirs, followed by questions from the audience.

About Andee's Book:  Mick, My Men, and Me:

Andee's book combines my experience with men with her growing feminism, tracing her childhood as a bookish yet curious kid, through falling through the cracks at school, through finally obtaining a Ph.D. in sociology.  She comes of age when the Beatles and the Rolling Stones hit the American scene, though the Stones captured her deeper imaginings.  She turns her boy craziness since kindergarten into the search for a compatible man, becoming liberated from a midwestern background in the journey toward independence.  Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones prompt her separation from traditional roles and continue to play a part in each of my relationships as "the soundtrack" of her "life."

Picture a more relationships-oriented Fear of Flying written by the sexually adventurous novelist Erica Jong with a dash of Sexual Politics, by the activist political scientist Kate Millett, recast nearly fifty years later by a rock and rolling sociologist. 

About Andee Baker, the Author:

Andee Baker (also known as Dr. Andrea Baker) is a writer who switched from regular prose writing in grade school and high school to academic writing for a long while, now back to crafting the word for popular audiences.  She has written two books, one an early study of eighty couples who met online, Double Click (2005),and the other on fans from internet communities dedicated to The Rolling Stones, You Get What You Need (2014).

Andee has also published academic articles on topics ranging from AIDS in the media to social movement organizations to identities on the internet.  Reporters for national newspapers and magazines have covered her work.  In 2015, Andee won a prize in the non-fiction contest run by the Santa Fe Reporter.


Pan's Dream | July 2017

Film Short |  Created by Sam Escobedo
Andee Baker plays woman with nightmare in Escobedo's short film reminding our culture about our non-rational selves.


Santa Fe Playhouse
Benchwarmers | Fall 2016

Andee Baker plays the role of Marg, with Robyn Reade as Fran, in Terry Riley's "Obitz".

A Santa Fe staple, now in it’s 15th year, Benchwarmers presents 8 new one acts in an evening.
Featuring these shows and authors:

Obits by Terry Riley
Ten O’clock by Talia Pura
Improbable Encounter by Ann Bendan
In Ma’s Driveway by Michael Burgan
Michael’s Last Words by Dianna Lewis
Pigeons by Marguerite Louise Scott
Routine Stop by Jon Barr
Cold Cuts & Champagne by Larry Glaister

Reading of Memoirs at Op Cit Bookstore, by Andee Baker and Rachel Spring